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    Combined Properties is a full-service real estate investment and development firm specializing in commercial and multi-family residential properties. Our portfolio includes first-class office, R&D, lab, industrial, retail, medical, and multi-family residential properties. We’re proud to offer our customers decades of experience and a comprehensive scope of in-house services.

    We are committed to creating better places to live, work and play. Combined Properties values the relationships we have established over the years with our tenants, local non-profits, charitable organizations, community groups, public officials, area business owners, and neighbors. We believe in progress through careful listening and collaboration.

Combined Properties takes a long-term approach to business and has a clear vision for our future.  This forward-focused perspective, coupled with our passion for creating better places to live, work and play, is reflected in all areas of our business: we hire and retain creative, experienced staff, invest in and develop quality assets, contract with premier vendors, cultivate long-lasting and responsive customer relationships, and invest wholly in the communities in which we work and call home.

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what is the Combined Properties Difference?

We Are:

Our firm is locally owned and operated with offices based in Malden, Massachusetts.
Combined Properties has been committed to service since 1935.
We are committed to creating better places to live and work and play.
We offer integrated real estate solutions all under one roof, with in-house experts in planning, permitting, development, architecture, financing, construction, leasing, and property management.
We have purchased, developed, and managed over 3 million SF of space.


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investments & Aquisitions

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     Combined Properties has acquired, developed, and managed over 3 million square feet in and around the Greater Boston area. We pursue multiple investment class categories – from value-added to opportunistic – across office, industrial, R&D, lab, retail, medical, multi-family residential, and mixed-use assets.

Our investment strategy relies on a sense of the possible and a vision for the long-term. Before making an investment, we dually consider an asset’s current conditions and its future potential. Our flexible, long-term approach to investing allows us to capitalize on redevelopment, conversion, and mixed-use opportunities that others might overlook.

Combined Properties responsibly invests with our own resources, while relying on our financial strength and decades of experience. We continue to make smart, long-term investments and are drawn to creative, value-added opportunities


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Combined Properties takes a creative, comprehensive approach to development. Our development team manages all projects in a multi-disciplinary, holistic way, relying on our thorough understanding of engineering, permitting and approvals, environmental issues, architecture, financing, construction, leasing, and property management.

Our development professionals have a vision for the long term, analyzing all possibilities for an asset and actualizing the most feasible option. Whether it is for speculative or built-to-suit development, we construct a comprehensive team to develop properties of the highest quality with aesthetic, functional, and economic appeal.


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By relying on our internal resources and external relationships, Combined Properties is able to quickly and successfully obtain financing for projects varying in size and complexity. We maintain longstanding relationships with a network of lenders and work closely with them to determine strategic finance solutions. Our professionals have experience working with both public and private sector participants in the capital markets. Our capital structure is conservative and we are able to access sufficient equity as well as debt.

Executing our customer-first approach to business, we help our clients finance tenant improvements. Working directly with our customers and finance professionals, we’re able to provide turn-key solutions for our tenants’ facility needs.

Permitting & Approvals​

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Combined Properties’s professionals are well versed in permitting laws and regulations. We have decades of hands-on experience successfully acquiring permits and zoning approvals and we understand the intent and letter of laws and regulations at each level of the public process.

Many of our projects require us to work collaboratively with federal, state, and municipal levels of planning and permitting. We maintain relationships with relevant agencies and authorities who oversee the laws and regulations at each level of the public process including state and local/municipal planning, zoning, permitting and licensing authorities, public officials, governmental agencies, and community groups. Our reputation and track record give those agencies confidence that we will meet permitting requirements in a respectful and successful way.

Environmental Management

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Combined Properties has managed a variety of projects in environmentally sensitive areas, developing an environmental expertise that is so pertinent to the development, ownership, and management of commercial real estate. Our professionals have significant experience with Brownfield acquisition, development, and management. Working with properties that were impacted by, or threatened with, environmental pollution from prior uses has familiarized our staff with the complexities associated with environmental issues and regulations.

On a project-by-project basis, we may partner with qualified environmental consultants to perform additional investigation, file review, or other activities that will result in a comprehensive understanding of the environmental conditions associated with a specific property. We know the importance of satisfying environmental requirements and regulatory compliances to ensure that our properties are safe, productive places for people to live, work and play.


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Combined Properties has decades of experience in planning, design, and architecture. From the start of a project to its completion, we manage a full-range of design services. We have in-house architectural staff, which enables us to take a responsive approach to projects and maximize control over the results. If a project warrants additional architectural support, we partner with premier architect professionals outside our own company. In either case, we remain committed to the highest quality.

Our professionals have a full range of experience designing buildings from the ground-up and facilitating tenant improvements. We work one-on-one with our clients to understand their business needs and determine facilities solutions that will help them successfully operate their businesses.
We effectively blend our knowledge of the development, design, and building process to deliver architectural solutions that are creative, functional, and cost-effective.


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Whether a construction project involves major ground-up work or minor facility improvements, Combined Properties successfully provides innovative construction solutions. Our construction management experience ranges from simple to complex and spans each of our property types: office, R&D, lab, industrial, retail, medical, and multi-family residential facilities.

On a project-by-project basis, we determine whether Combined Properties will execute the construction ourselves or whether we’ll partner with a capable and experienced general contractor or construction manager. Implementing a practical approach to all construction projects, we maintain the highest quality of workmanship, while staying on schedule and budget.

Property management

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Combined Properties’s property management team is responsible for the day-to-day care and overall operations of over 3 million square feet of first-class office, R&D, lab, industrial, medical, retail, and multi-family residential buildings. We have a full-time, fully-trained maintenance staff with extensive knowledge of building mechanical systems available to address any property issues or concerns.

Our decades of experience, customer-first approach to business, and outstanding property management staff allow us to provide our tenants with unmatched service and personalized attention.

Leasing & Marketing​

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With 3 million square feet in our extensive commercial real estate portfolio, we have properties well-suited for a full range of business types — Fortune 500 companies, mom-and-pop shops, industry leaders, or start-ups.

We understand the important role that location, convenience, and value play in making a leasing decision and succeeding in the long-term. Our properties have premier locations, in close proximity to major highways and routes.  Our customers value their complete access to all of our in-house experts in planning, permitting, development, architecture, financing, construction, leasing, and property management.

We’re pleased to work with those who are searching for property on their own or partnering with a broker. Our marketing department provides all parties with the most relevant and up-to-date market research, demographics, fact sheets, floor plans, photos, and relevant websites. We combine our extensive knowledge of the market and our property’s submarkets with decades of leasing experience to successfully place our customers in spaces that suit their needs and exceed their expectations.

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