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Medford Life Science Park

Proposed redevelopment of 278-326 Mystic Avenue as Medford Life Science Park, comprising 4 buildingsof 8 floors and approximately 1,169,460 square feet laboratory, office, and accessory retail restaurant space. The redevelopmentis proposed as a Planned Commercial Development District under Section 9.2 of the Medford Zoning Ordinance.

Community Benefits

Economic Development

  • Reinforces Medford’s position on the cutting edge of Life Science and related technologies
  • Prominent I-93 location boosts Medford visibility among Massachusetts’s premier hubs for innovation
  • Revitalizes long-underused site
  • 1,000 construction jobs
  • 2,500 permanent professional and technical jobs
  • Tenant employees bring disposable income to support Medford restaurants, shops and other businesses
  • Enhances value of area properties


Public Realm Enhancements

  • Aesthetic improvements to the site and streetscape
  • Approximately 116,000 s.f. (2.66 acres) of public-use open space
    • 12-foot-wide multi-use path
    • Tree-lined linear park along Mystic Avenue with raised planting beds
    • New trees, seating, public and retail activity areas
    • On-site walking paths with pervious pavers
    • Tree-lined park with grassed areas and walking path adjacent to rehabilitated Winter Brook
  • Extensive tree-planting and landscaping
  • 1st-floor restaurant and retail spaces
  • Visual and acoustic screening of I-93


  • Smooths traffic flow by consolidating curb cuts from 9 to 4
  • Proposed Complete Streets upgrades for Mystic Avenue adjacent to project frontage
    • Protected bike lanes
    • Additional signalized crosswalk (RRFB or HAWK system)
    • Street trees and parallel parking
  • Proposed Mystic Valley Parkway site entry/exit (pending MassDOT approval)
  • Shelters for MBTA bus riders
  • Bicycle and pedestrian friendly

Fiscal Resources

  • Growth in City real estate tax base
  • Increases real estate tax collections from $266,103 annually to $15-$20 million
  • Building permit fees $12 Million
  • Linkage fees of up to $1,000,000 to support parks and recreation, police and fire, roads and traffic, water and sewer

Energy & Environment

  • Green Building principles embraced
  • Upgrades stormwater management to current Best Practices
  • Net increase in pervious surface approximately 54,600 s.f. (1.25 acres)
  • Improves Winter Brook ecological health and appearance
  • State-of-the-art building envelope and energy-efficient systems
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Critical building systems located safely away from flooding
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